Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Great Gatsby, Animal farm or When I Whistle Essay - 1

Great Gatsby, Animal farm or When I Whistle - Essay Example Using Nicks perceptions, the writer suggests the distortion and betrayal of that dream. Gatsby pursues wealth and possessions in order to realize his dream of regaining a lost love, a mere illusion. The opulent society in which they exist looks down on ordinary people in the Valley of Ashes (symbol of dirt and poverty). The antagonist, Tom Buchanan shows us, by how he lives, that he has corrupted the dream, destroyed its integrity, has changed and hardened, Both Orwell and Fitzgerald have included a political aspect, of their respective societies; Animal Farm reflecting how Communism destroyed the socialist dream, Gatsby, how the wealthy have distorted the pure ideal of Capitalism. Using the words, thoughts and actions of their characters, they present their views, with dramatic effects both on the stories and their readers. The action drives forward to bitter endings in both instances. While time and place are important, the issues of evil, loss, tragedy and corruption transcend - they can happen anytime, anywhere. Both stories represent telling social and moral comment on how power and wealth can destroy societys In Animal Farm, the writer narrates, outside of the action, an apparently unbiased observer. Despite the animals talking like humans, his clarity of language makes this acceptable. When Old Major dreams, then teaches the animals Beasts of England, asking them to seek freedom, to revolt, the seed is planted for protagonists and reader, signaling the future. Orwell depicts the dreams erosion, introducing evil, using Napoleons antagonistic grasp of power, showing other animals, the dogs, as tools used to banish Snowball. Squealer and Napoleon are the devices by which the writer shows how power can corrupt, how animals/people can be duped. Boxer the horse demonstrates this, declaring Napoleon is always right, despite killings and punishments meted out, allegedly for supporting Snowball, who is also blamed when

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