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Deciding in Wisdom an Example by

Deciding in Wisdom Making decisions is one act that may be considered as very critical. It is an act that is unique to man alone, as they are the only rational beings (Bell et al, 19880). Whether it is to be done for a simple aspect of life or to create change and improvement in ones life, decisions are to be made with consideration of everything involved and through the different components of wise judgment. Need essay sample on "Deciding in Wisdom" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed There are five known components of wise judgment which reflects wisdom in a person or an individual who is making the decision. First is the rich factual knowledge which refers to general and specific knowledge about life conditions and its variations. Second is rich procedural knowledge or the general and specific knowledge about strategies of judgment and advice on life matters. Third is life-span contextualism or the knowledge about contexts of life and their developmental relationship. Fourth is relativism, which refers to the knowledge about variations in values, goals, and priorities. And the fifth is uncertainty or the knowledge about the relative indeterminacy and unpredictability of life and means to manage it. All these five components are known to be of great use by those who are excellent in making decisions and those whoa re always caught in huge and life-changing glitches like business tycoons, investors, and court judges. However, this does not mean that these componen ts are of no use to ordinary people or individuals. Even in everyday situations, people should be able to give the best decision so that by the end of the day there will be no regrets (Sternberg, 2000). One situation which may be considered very typical and happens a lot to common individuals is being caught between the desire of the heart and the rationalization of the mind. An example is a teenage girl who is in love with her seventeen-year old boyfriend, who is encouraging her to have sex with him. He claims that he will make sure that they will be doing it with protection so that there would not be any possibility for conception. In this situation, the girl is caught between the desire to show her affection to her boyfriend and the fact that she knows it is not right to do it yet as she is still young. From this it may be found that there are two important factors. First is her emotions and the second one is her rational mind. Her emotions may be dictating to heed to the desires of her lover while her mind is telling her that it is not right. As the situation is life-changing the decision-making for this situation is difficult. Despite this it may be found that the better decision is not to heed to what the lover or the boyfriend is asking. First of all this is due to the fact that her rational mind dictates this as the correct decision. As a rational being, people must heed to the dictates of their mind and not the dictates of the heart. A second reason is that if based on the five components of judgement, this will ultimately be the right choice. And a third reason is that people should acknowledge that even though emotions are considered as mans downfall, there is such a thing as emotional intelligence, which refers to recognition and management of ones emotions (Larina, 2008). Breakdown of the Decision In applying the five components of wise judgment the concepts shall be applied in accordance to the situation. It begins with the rich factual knowledge or the knowledge about lifes conditions and its variations. In the situation this is the knowledge of the girl that in engaging in pre-marital sex, she is risking the chances of living a rather difficult life. There is the fact that teenage pregnancies may destroy a young girls bright future and in a situation where money is not easily obtained, a child unprepared for is very much impractical. Thus, declining to the boyfriends urging becomes righteous. The second component is the rich procedural knowledge or strategies of judgment and advice concerning matters of life. In the situation, the girl knows that the common advice given to girls when caught in a situation such as hers is that she should say no and must at all cost, do this with conviction. In recognizing this, saying no becomes the best and only choice. The third component is life span contextualism. In this, the girl should consider that she is just a teenager and almost still at the beginning of life. Any drastic decision that may force into becoming an adult all of a sudden may not be healthy for her. This will affect future occurrences more in negative manner than what may be expected. As such, sex which may accidentally end up with pregnancy is not advisable and saying o to a lover who urges one into it, may be the best decision. The fourth component is the relativism or the knowledge about differences in values, goals, and priorities. In the given situation, if a girl decides to say no to her lover, it is probable that she shall be commended for knowing her priorities and goals. As a teenager, it is not losing ones virginity which is important. What is more crucial is to know which things one is prepared for, and which things should be made to wait for the perfect time. As such, in the given case, making sex with the lover wait is a better choice. The fifth component is uncertainty or the knowledge of the unpredictability of life. In this the girl should think of the countless possibilities if she says yes to her boyfriend and if she says no. however, it should be noted that if she says no, everything points to better consequences. The only negative perhaps is that the guy may leave her, but this is out of the question as this will prove that he does not love her enough. As such, declining the urge of her boyfriend is determinedly the better option. In addition, when saying yes would cause greater harm, one should learn how to say no. Putting the situation and the decision-making in context with the five components of wise judgment, it may be derived that to say no to the boyfriend is the better choice. It will result to more positive possibilities, and lessen undesirable effects. More importantly, it will prove ones wisdom, which not all individuals possess. References Bell, D., Raiffa, H., Tversky, A. (1988). Decision Making: Descriptive, Normative, And Prescriptive Interactions. New York: Cambridge University Press Larina. (2008). The Four Components of Emotional Intelligence. The Mindset of Success. Sternberg, R.J. (2000). Practical Intelligence in Everyday Life. New York: Cambridge University Press

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SUMMERY Example SUMMERY – Term Paper Example Persuasive messages, popularity cohesion and message diffusion social marketing al affiliation SUMMARY A research was carried out to investigate how persuasive messages can make social media internet users to like or share messages in social media marketing activities. The research population used was 392 fans from a Facebook page in Taiwan who provided information by answering the questionnaire1.As people become more conversant with the internet, network becomes more powerful marketing channels. The research therefore evaluated how social media marketing influences internet users to share internet messages so as to reach social cohesion and message diffusion. This research was based on the elaboration likelihood model (ELM).In the literature review, the researcher found out that persuasive messages in the social media can be very important strategy as it can influence the liking and sharing behaviors of messages among the internet users. The researcher also appreciated that communic ation technology such as social media can promote message diffusion and popular cohesion.A number of research hypotheses were made by the researcher to analyse the relationship between fan page post, recipients cohesion and diffusion behavior of the messages. These hypotheses were drawn from nature of message persuasiveness, behavioral intention, beliefs and attitude and relative significance and user expertise.The Taiwan icook fan page was used in collecting the data for the study. The data was analysed to see how article persuasiveness affected like and share intention. The study came up with various results which showed that persuasive messages have higher level of post popularity. It also deduced that argument quality and post popularity affects usefulness while post popularity and post attractiveness affected preference. The study also concluded that message usefulness greatly affected like intention, which positively or indirectly affected the share intention. The like intenti on was concluded as positively affecting the share intention2.To conclude, the findings from the research indicated that social network sites, argument quality, post popularity and attractiveness affect usefulness and preference. Therefore, marketing managers can promote marketing by using famous individuals who can improve the argument quality. The research also found out that the usefulness of a post affects fan behavior while like intention affects sharing intention. The marketing managers should, therefore, promote marketing by ensuring that post are useful which can positively influence the like and sharing attitude of social media users.ReferenceChang Yu-Ting, Yu Hueiju and Lu His-Peng. â€Å"Persuasive messages, popularity cohesion, and message diffusion in social media marketing. 68 (2015) 777–782. Summery Example Summery – Article Example Summary of Requirement Management: The Search for Nirvana Management of requirements in software development is essential because a change in requirements intensely affects the cost and schedule. Reifer points out that software engineers are taught to spell out the requirements at the start of the project and not to change. Reifer asserts that software engineers create requirements specifications because specifications form the foundation of a software engineers’ design and coding activities. The involvement of the user or customer in the development of requirement specification is because of cost and schedule impacts. Reifer explains in the current software development environment the waterfall lifecycle has been replaced by rapid prototyping and application methods. Reifer points out that requirements development is a learning process and not a gathering process ( Reifer 45). Reifer observes that working with the user or customers’ guarantees success in the developmen t of requirements specification. It is evident that the development of requirements specifications can take longer than software development. It is true that teams that develop requirements specifications spend hours checking each version of the requirements specification are complete, consistent and traceable. Reifer describes the quick to market commercial environment where software engineers interactively create requirements using a spiral model. The phases of the cycle provide software engineers with details regarding the products design and basic functions. Reifer looks at the rapid development paradigm the software development where the team comprises of marketing and system engineering people, user, customer and the software engineer. These team works together to formulate the expectations, which are then communicated to the software engineer (Reifer 46).The continuous exploration and refinement observed in the spiral model allows the customers and requirements definition tea m to understand the purpose of the product. Reifer observes that achieving success in software development is possible if software engineers maintain and allocate budget and schedule reserves aimed at addressing changes. Successful management of requirements requires clear objectives, teamwork, discipline and knowledge. Clear objectives identify the purpose of the requirement and the probable user of the requirement. Teamwork requires that software engineers take up the identity of generalist to enable their ideas to complement with those of the user and requirement specification team. Discipline allows the requirement development team to use a process method and tools appropriate in defining requirements and tracking the changes. Finally, knowledge of the application and environment the requirement will operate in is crucial. Software engineers are beneficial because they can help non-software people in explaining the consequences of their specification requirements (47). Work Cite dReifer, Donald J. â€Å"Requirements Management: The Search for Nirvana.† Manager (June 2000):45-47. Print. Summery Example Summery – Article Example What is requirements-based testing? Requirements-based testing is a methodology of testing tailored to the objective and condition that it intends to delivered. It involves making sure that; specific client requirements on software’s are met with accuracy. There are various modes of showing how successive implementation of the requirement by a client can be met. The test needs to be accurate and time based because; if the test is not accurately met then, the software will not work properly; accuracy and clarity are essential elements in developing software. According to Gary (2007), inappropriate software’s that are developed without testing are likely not to perform well as intended. They are various steps that need to be taken account to before implementing or conducting a requirement based test this include; performance, coverage testing and failure load. Performances include, the way the software gives it final outcome, while coverage includes, the targeted userâ₠¬â„¢s cover-up. They are also additional steps that can be undertaken in order to determine the accuracy of the software this are; cutting the test, data, inputs, and expected results.When building a test case, one needs to formulate the necessary data and components that will support test. Data is necessary in carrying out the test because, it determines the kind of the outcome a person can get, and is likely to be facilitated by the components that support the test. Components facilitate/enable the testing to come up with accurate and clear conclusion regarding the test ensures that, the final product meets the targeted standards (Gary 2007).Gary, Mogyorodi. Requirements Based Test. New York: Penguin, 2007. Print

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Performance Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Performance Evaluation - Essay Example The number of professionally designed and well managed infrastructure within towns and cities of Emirates can be used as an indicator of developed infrastructure. Such urban environments will boast of superlative traffic and transport systems. Another indicator will be if Urban Planning Council meets the housing requirements. The housing requirement should have proper settlement patterns across the urban areas. On the sustainability of the environment, it is measured on how well the organization has protected the natural environment of desert and coastal ecosystem. It is measured on whether it has been able to protect Emirates rare deserts and unique ecology. Evaluating the performance of the social and human resources development involve the use of indicators such as growth, size and structure of population of the state can be considered. Further, education and illiteracy levels of the workforce are considered in relation to their education infrastructure. Urban Planning Council as an organization should use this indicator factor the number of educational institutions in relation to population growth, education and illiteracy levels. This helps determine the number and levels of educational institutions that need to be built within a given duration of time. Availability of educational institutions will enable an adequate supply of professional and well trained workforce in the future. An increase in per capita income indicates an economic growth and development of any given country. Another indicator that maybe used by the organization is the human development index where facts such as education, income for decent living and life expectancy are considered. In relation to the above economic indicators, the organization enough guidelines and framework of new projects are approved to enable its citizens work and live within healthy immediacy. This helps her populace earn a substantial

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National Training Framework and Vocational Education and Training Term Paper

National Training Framework and Vocational Education and Training Workplace - Term Paper Example Vocational teachers, for the most part--and certainly those who teach in trade, industrial, manufacturing and health occupations programs--did not (and do not today) have to follow the same teacher preparation or state certification rules as did other public school teachers. Throughout the 75-year history of federally supported vocational education, occupational teachers were employed primarily because they had years of extensive experience in a craft or profession--such as auto mechanic, cosmetologist, medical technician, carpenter, nurse, electrician or mason. When college degrees were deemed a minimal requirement for teachers in most states and in most subjects, vocational education was granted an exception. In effect, then, vocational and technical education always has had a nontraditional or alternative approach to preparing and certifying its teaching force. This is an approach that dates to 1917, promulgated by Charles Prosser, the first administrative director of the board, who believed that teachers trade experience would correlate with student outcomes. Today, some vocational-technical educators subscribe to that philosophy, while others lean more toward John Dewey, who promoted a more general education to prepare teachers to help students ready themselves for a lifetime of learning and change. A way of approaching (vocational) training that places primary emphasis on what a person can do as a result of training (the outcome), and as such represents a shift away from an emphasis on the process involved in training (the inputs). It is concerned with training to industry-specific standards rather than an individuals achievement relative to others in the group. (Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 1992)Â  

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Social Media as a Business Strategy Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social Media as a Business Strategy - Term Paper Example Social media also lets retailers create an awareness of their great products and followers might share their business with friends and family growing exposure to the business. Through social media, retailers can advertise specials to increase the reach for their special promotions. Social media also lets retailers get involved with the customers. Retailers may get feedback through comments by the customers and be able to meet the clients needs. Also with social media, retailers can target specific demographics to get their name to the group of people they want to see their products (Brown, 2012, pp 1) In the video, the instructor starts by letting people know that the facebook is where individuals go to spend time with friends. The video assures retailers that using facebook will help them reach a greater market. Facebook is where people build relationships with others that may eventually become customers. Find people with a similar mindset and connect them. You should send them a short message informing them why you want to connect. Add as many you could since some may or may not accept your friendship request. It encourages the client to use facebook since there is no investment required. It also guides retailers on how they can create a link to their website on their facebook profile. Retailers can also put a small note about who they are. The video starts by explaining the meaning of social media and how it has exploded to have great numbers of users. It assures the retailer that there is a huge audience on social media that they can take advantage to promote and even sell their products and services. The video explains that the social media platforms are different in how you connect with people. He points out that facebook is the leader for online marketing and plays a vital role in the success of retailers businesses. It informs the retailer that creating facebook page is a work in progress, which does not have to

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The Movement Of German Expressionism Film Studies Essay

The Movement Of German Expressionism Film Studies Essay German expressionism occurred during the attempt of a liberal democratic republic after the so called March revolution in 1848. The revolution lead to the Weimar republic until 1933 where the NSDAP rose in power and brought with it a totalitarian dictatorship. Although this is the nearest estimate to how it happened, the theory that many where unhappy during the Weimar republic since it was democracy without democrats is also supported. German Expressionism is an artistic movement of the 1910s and 1920s that involved theatre, photography, painting, sculpture, and architecture and of course film. We will acclaim the German expressionist film time period from 1918 and 1930, at this time the aftermaths of world war one and the troubled Weimar republic overshadowed the films that were being made. The Weimar democracy had to face many difficulties such as: rampant inflation, strikes, street fighting, armed revolt, mass unemployment and political rivalry. This gave expressionism the perfect start to create an art based on the illusion of reality, and this since film is being watched as a sort of avoidance towards ones own life. Making cinema be a medium of escapism, where reality is put on hold for an hour or two as the viewer sits in a darkened room and consumes the images projected onto the screen. This is why adventure films were the most popular in the beginnings. Considerably like in the classical Hollywood cinema al so known as the golden age of Hollywood, era between roughly 1910 and 1960. Which the Films from Germany at that time, tried competing with. The style of German expressionism is what turned it to an influence in the end. The world of German expressionism is an artificial world a world of light and shadow, it created a unique Mise-en-scà ¨ne German Expressionist films look different, but they have a lot in common with each other. The directors created atmosphere by means of strange camera angles, lighting and contrasts between black and white. Shadows and silhouettes were frequently displayed; sometimes they were even painted on to the sets. The stories that were told in the German expressionist cinema were often dark and sombre, matching the visuals. Crime, madness and paranoia were frequently addressed and the claustrophobic atmosphere created by the shadows and dark lighting served to heighten the drama Many modern films such as Blade Runner, Batman demonstrate the influence of German expressionism. The style is ideal for portraying macabre subject matters. Devices such as low key lighting are used to convey mystery, and monsters lurking in shadows. Distortion is also commonly used in both expressionism and later horror films, employed through make-up, camera angles, costumes and strange backdrops But these arent the only attributes that German expressionist films hold. Broadly spoken the films welled together an entire film crew, and none of the films at that time can be left unaccredited of the entire crew, whereas nowadays a director gains the acknowledgements. Also, the desire of combining box-office success and artistic touch is rarely seen in todays world, but was fundamental to Weimar film. They include thematic negations like: Dream vs. reality, Blindness Vs. vision, Insanity vs. Sanity Which symbolically reflected the political fears of society From the perspective of style, Metropolisis an avant garde science fiction film. The mad scientist returns, this time to create a robot double of Maria, the heroine. The robot is able to break away from the control of its master and in the end the whole city is destroyed. A lot of films haven dissected its themes. There can be no doubt that Metropolis is one of the greatest films ever made, regularly appearing on all-time-best lists. Considering when it was made, it is an extraordinary achievement and it has created lasting visual impressions on audiences since its release in 1927. But it is not only for its wealth of cinematic innovation that it is rightly hailed as a classic. Its themes of social injustice, the relationship between man and machine and the growth of the industrial society have had a huge influence on the work of subsequent film-makers, especially those working in the field of science-fiction. Thousands of slaves work on gigantic machines in a huge underground city. The rich live above ground, in an Eden-like garden paradise. One day Maria inadvertently escapes out of the underground city and with a few poor children reaches the luxury life of those above ground. The son of the all-powerful factory boss falls in love with her and follows her into the underworld, where he learns how miserably the proletariat has to live. The inventor, Rotwang, builds a robot, an artificial worker, who can make no mistake. He drags Maria into his laboratory and, with the help of electric energy succeeds in transferring her looks onto the robot. In doing this, he creates an evil Maria. This figure is then sent to the workers to spur them to revolt. The underground city is flooded at the end Lang presents this very vividly. The rising water threatens the children who have been left to fend for themselves by the rampaging workers. The evil Maria is burnt, the real Maria is abducted by Rotwang. Finally, a fight between Fredersen, the son of the boss, and Rotwang leads to the latter falling to his death. At the end the social classes are reconciled, life continues in a socio-political utopia, the machines are destroyed. The word Utopia, derives from greek literally meaning: Not-Place. An ideal state or community. For the whole film Metropolis is locked inside a sealed frame; an inner world which purports to be an outside world. The monumentalism of this Lang film creates claustrophobia, but has left its tracks in countless science-fiction films, not least of which is Blade Runner I wanted to explore future germany so Metropolis brings the audience into the year 2026. You can see Gothic skyscrapers,and the society in this city or state consists of two groups. On one hand the plannersand thinkers, who live an unbelievable comfortable life, and on the other hand the workers who live in the underground working hard to serve the privileged. Johann Joh Fredersen rules over Metropolis. In Blade Runner, these two groups are the humans and robots which are called the replicants. Dr. Eldon Tyrell built an empire, that without slaves would never work like Johann Fredersen in Metropolis. In Metropolis a monument is built which stands for the greatness of humanity and the creator of the world. This monument is very high, actually it reaches the stars. In Blade Runner you can also see this elevated lifestyle (for example Dr.Tyrell himself is living in one of these high-tech skyscrapers), but elsewhere it is not gleaming at all, it is dark and cold. The workers in Metropolis revolt and destroy the monument because of their overwhelming anger. In Blade Runner, Roy Batty leads a revolt of the replicants against their creator Dr.Tyrell. Finally Roy kills the doctor. Blade Runner presents a dystopian Los Angeles in the year 2019 in which human beings were genetically manufactured (called the replicants). These replicants have to do all the hard and dangerous work. In Metropolis, the workers also live a poor live and have to work underground and under very dangerous conditions. A very interesting detail is that a robot is one of the main female characters in both of the movies. Maria (in Metropolis) has a duplicate robot of herself just as Rachael (in Blade Runner) is a robot that is modeled after Tyrells niece. the tower of Babel amazed me, a hierarchical social status symbol in the form of the centered most highest building in town, when I was thinking about set-design They were built from a variety of haunting images: Edward Hoppers painting Nighthawks, the skyline of Hong Kong at night, the fiery industrial landscape of Tyneside and Teesside of My childhood, the French comic-book: Mà ©tal Hurlant [Heavy Metal], and, quite clearly, Metropolis Both Metropolis and Blade Runner have similar set designs, because one thing influenced the other, when it comes to the architecture of the cities, being the tower of Babel. In Blade Runner the opening sequence is shot by a huge pan, this enables a threatening feeling, all the smoke and fire. It is a magnificent but also a very disturbing picture of the Tower of Babel, showing the headquarters of the humanoid replicants factory, where the dirty work for human beings is done. Based on Metropolis Jerry Siegel und Joe Shuster decided to name their base in the film Superman after the famous film. The architectural design of Tim Burtons Gotham City in Batman is strongly based on the art deco of Metropolis by using for example the tower of Babel thanks to Anton Fursts openly creative transformation. There is no doubt about it. People always try to find what makes you tick as a designer and I think in this respect there is no doubt that I was influenced by German expressionism or so later. Kenneth worked together with Kubrick to construct a metropolis like set-design set at futuristic standards for 2001: a space odyssey. The 1940s Hollywood film noir films were hugely influenced by German expressionism and many of the motifs and images can be seen in films such as The Big Sleep. Indeed, Fritz Lang even directed some films of this genre himself. But How did the Expressionism influence the film noir? The opportunities offered by the booming Hollywood film industry and, later, the threat of growing Nazipower led to the emigration of many important film artists working in Germany who had either been directly involved in the Expressionist movement or studied with its practitioners Directorssuch as Fritz Lang, Robert Siodmak, and Michael Curtizbrought a dramatically shadowed lighting style and a psychologically expressive approach to visual composition, or MHYPERLINKà ¨neise-en-scà ¨ne, with them to Hollywood, where they would make some of the most famous of classic noirs. Langs magnum opus, M-released in 1931, two years before his departure from Germany-is among the first major crime films of the sound erato join a characteristically nourish visual style with a noir-type plot, one in which the protagonistis a criminal (as are his most successful pursuers)

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Polylactide :: Polymer Plastic Environment Biodegradable

Polylactide: A New Perspective In the past decades, many polymers are non-biodegradable and require an excessive and strenuous recycling process. However one polymer, polylactide, is renovating the roles of commonly known polymers as time passes by. Polylactide has led to the introduction of other possible ways to create plastics that are more environmental friendly to the community. With this sole introduction, polymers in petrochemical-derived products are greatly affected in that they are no longer an extreme threat to the atmosphere, which is something very crucial for a future healthy planet environment. However, polylactide is an expensive polymer and it is only commonly found in the biomedical field and rarely in the public world. In the recent years, polylactide has been found in items that consist of plastic substances such as in wrapping paper in packaging and has emerged in other consumer products (Morgan). The purpose for this paper is to introduce the polymer, polylactide, in the public world in order for scientists, or even civilians, to pursue and gather some interest in the evolution of polylactide as a polymer chain used in production of biodegradable plastics. Polylactide has just recently been under production by the company Nature Works. Nature Works, located in Blair, Nebraska, is the largest producer of polylactide in the world. Polylactide is the polymer of the future because it has the characteristic of being biodegradable. Although it is not cost efficient in the beginning of production, the material will degrade naturally in the environment in less than ninety days or can be recycled easier and safer with less percentage loss. The United States recorded 46 billion pounds of plastics were produced in 1989. The same year 225 million pounds of plastics were recycled. This means more than 45 billion pounds of plastics are still in use by Americans or have been abandone d in an unsanitary manner in the environment. By increasing the amount of individuals doing research on polylactide and altering the combinations with additional or subtraction of functional groups, polylactide can change the way the world recycles, manages waste, and improve the health of our planet and species living in sensitive habitats (Cleaning). In the figure below, you can see that lactic acid (CH3C2H2O(OH)2) can be obtained on the basis from renewable starch containing resources, such as, corn, wheat, or sugar cane, by fermentation, or by chemical synthesis of renewable resources.