Thursday, November 21, 2019

Performance Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Performance Evaluation - Essay Example The number of professionally designed and well managed infrastructure within towns and cities of Emirates can be used as an indicator of developed infrastructure. Such urban environments will boast of superlative traffic and transport systems. Another indicator will be if Urban Planning Council meets the housing requirements. The housing requirement should have proper settlement patterns across the urban areas. On the sustainability of the environment, it is measured on how well the organization has protected the natural environment of desert and coastal ecosystem. It is measured on whether it has been able to protect Emirates rare deserts and unique ecology. Evaluating the performance of the social and human resources development involve the use of indicators such as growth, size and structure of population of the state can be considered. Further, education and illiteracy levels of the workforce are considered in relation to their education infrastructure. Urban Planning Council as an organization should use this indicator factor the number of educational institutions in relation to population growth, education and illiteracy levels. This helps determine the number and levels of educational institutions that need to be built within a given duration of time. Availability of educational institutions will enable an adequate supply of professional and well trained workforce in the future. An increase in per capita income indicates an economic growth and development of any given country. Another indicator that maybe used by the organization is the human development index where facts such as education, income for decent living and life expectancy are considered. In relation to the above economic indicators, the organization enough guidelines and framework of new projects are approved to enable its citizens work and live within healthy immediacy. This helps her populace earn a substantial

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