Monday, November 18, 2019

Social Media as a Business Strategy Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social Media as a Business Strategy - Term Paper Example Social media also lets retailers create an awareness of their great products and followers might share their business with friends and family growing exposure to the business. Through social media, retailers can advertise specials to increase the reach for their special promotions. Social media also lets retailers get involved with the customers. Retailers may get feedback through comments by the customers and be able to meet the clients needs. Also with social media, retailers can target specific demographics to get their name to the group of people they want to see their products (Brown, 2012, pp 1) In the video, the instructor starts by letting people know that the facebook is where individuals go to spend time with friends. The video assures retailers that using facebook will help them reach a greater market. Facebook is where people build relationships with others that may eventually become customers. Find people with a similar mindset and connect them. You should send them a short message informing them why you want to connect. Add as many you could since some may or may not accept your friendship request. It encourages the client to use facebook since there is no investment required. It also guides retailers on how they can create a link to their website on their facebook profile. Retailers can also put a small note about who they are. The video starts by explaining the meaning of social media and how it has exploded to have great numbers of users. It assures the retailer that there is a huge audience on social media that they can take advantage to promote and even sell their products and services. The video explains that the social media platforms are different in how you connect with people. He points out that facebook is the leader for online marketing and plays a vital role in the success of retailers businesses. It informs the retailer that creating facebook page is a work in progress, which does not have to

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